Windows remote desktop services
Work in a modern office is done on computers. Traditionally, its results are stored on server hard drives,usually located in the same office. But sometimes you need to secure your data and work with them remotely for a number of reasons . However, with this approach, there are risks:
Loss of the result of work in case of careless handling (banal rewriting or deleting files)
Destruction of information due to the action of malicious software (viruses)
Theft of business information (for example, customer databases) by company employees
Blocking the company's work in case of theft or illegal seizure of computer equipment
To get rid of these risks, there is a technology for organizing remote jobs. In this case, only a "shortcut" is placed on the user's local computer to connect to the remote workstation, after clicking on which the server is connected and further work is already done on it. The advantages of this solution:
The workplaces of the organization's employees are located on a separate dedicated server, which ensures their safety .Server hard drive is securely encrypted
the ability to organize regular automatic backups of any depth to independent equipment, data recovery from which is possible in case of accidental or intentional damage at the workplace
Organization of a "single entry point" for employees and, as a result, the ability to quickly restrict their access, the ability to create a "red button", when activated, access will be blocked to all data. Unlocking is possible according to a pre-agreed procedure. This opportunity serves to protect against the actions of third parties, forcing in any way to issue commercial information.
The possibility of organizing remote work of employees - for example, if an employee went on vacation and did not take a laptop with him, it is possible to provide him with the authority to connect from a public computer to perform any urgent actions the possibility of restricting print rights or copying information to all or individual employees .Among the drawbacks of such a solution, one can only note a serious dependence on the availability of high-quality Internet access at employees' workplaces. Our servers are located in the Macedonia, which guarantees the absence of the probability of their illegal seizure. We use only Latest PC hardware based on

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