Dignus Data Services TERMS & CONDITIONS

These terms shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of North Macedonia. You irrevocably agree that the courts of Skopje have exclusive juridstiction to settle any dispute or claim that arises out of our in connection with this agreement.
You expressly agree that your use of the DignusData services is at your sole and exclusive risk. DignusData offers absolutely no warranties of any kind, whether express or implied. No advice or information obtained from DignusData or through DignusData service shall create any warranty. The customer is solely responsible for any data stored on DignusData servers and for ensuring he has adequate backups outside of the DignusData infrastructure. DignusDatashall offer no warranty or compensation for any data loss including but not limited to software failure, hardware failure or staff error.

DignusData offers absolutely no liability or compensation to third parties in case it's services are used to inflict damages to third parties by the customer. The customer is the only one liable for any such damages. In no event shall we, nor our directors, employees, agents, partners, suppliers or content providers, be liable under contract, tort, strict liability, negligence or any other legal or equitable theory with respect to the services for any lost profits, data loss, cost of procurement of substitute goods or services, or special, indirect, incidental, punitive, compensatory or consequential damages of any kind whatsoever.

DignusData services are sold with basic management. The customer is responsible for managing his VPS. DignusData staff is available for support only in the case of Network issues, Server hardware or OS templates. The DignusData staff will not offer any kind of support for installing, configuring or debuging applications.

All orders placed through our billing portal passes through an automatic fraud check system. Although our VPSs are typically set up instantly upon receipt of payment, we manually review each fraud score before accepting the order. If our fraud check system scores your order as dangerous, we may require submission of a government issued ID to allow continued use of our services. Failure to comply in a timely manner will result in termination.
The use of fake or disposable emails is strictly prohibited and shall result in immediate account termination without any refunds.The customer billing details must be real and verifiable by legal documents on request. The failure to provide verification documents confirming your billing details shall lead to immediate account termination without any kind of refunds.
Any chargeback or dispute the transaction done via our payment processors shall be considered a fraud attempt and will lead to immediate account termination and the termination of all active services without any refunds.
Under the General Data Protection Regulation, DIGNUSDATA acts as a data processor and will process the data in a way that meets the technical and organizational requirements of the GDPR. The data will be processed on equipment owned by DIGNUSDATA or leased from sub-contractors, in data centers with high security standards, ensuring adequate protections for the processed data. The customer agrees to follow entirely the GDPR in relation to his processing of personal data belonging to EU customers and undertakes the sole responsibility and liability for ensuring the data is processed correctly under the GDPR.

Outgoing SMTP connections are, by default, blocked on all services unless they have a valid rDNS set. For the VPS or dedicated packages, the outgoing SMTP connections are blocked regardless of the rDNS.
  • SPAM - Any kind of mass-emailing from our services is prohibited. Sending more than 100 emails per day shall be considered SPAM. RBL listing or abuse message receipt shall lead to immediate termination. The prohibited activities include, without limitation, the following:
  • Stress-testing websites Ip spoofing
  • Hosting viruses, worms, trojans or key loggers
  • Port scanning
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Brute forcing
  • Floods or any other methods meant to cause denial of service
  • The use of exploits shells
  • Deceptive Marketing e.g Spam
  • Offering financial services without the proper licensing
  • Hosting copyrighted materials of any kind without proper authorization.
The DignusData DDOS protection is a security system which automatically detects most DDoS attack patterns and which filters the incoming traffic to the server so that the "malicious" attacking traffic is dropped and only the "real" desired traffic arrives at your server. This means that you, as a DignusData customer, will barely notice a possible attack while our DDoS protection filters the ongoing attack for you. Our DDoS protection is free of charge for all DignusData customers, it is activated automatically for all servers and vps packets in the DignusData centers. Both our existing customers and new customers have to do nothing, your uplink will be automatically and permanently guarded by our DDoS protection. If the attacks are bigger than our protection capacity in the specific location or it's causing issues to other customers, we reserve the right to null-route the associated IP address until the attack is over.
You may request a refund within 3 days of purchase of a VPS or dedicated server The refund will be issued for maximum 1 service per account's lifetime. Refunds will be sent in the same method as the original payment. If the payment method does not support refunds or it is marked as non-refundable during the payment process, ex: paysafecard, bitcoin and any cryptocurrency, the refunds will be issued only as an account credit.
DignusData is not responsible for any additional charges that PayPal or any other payment processor may take. Bandwidth usage is not refundable, if it's above 1TB and will be charged with 3 EUR per TB. And around 25 EUR per TB of china optimized traffic. If abuse messages are received from the server, no refund will be issued. Chargebacks and disputes with our payment processors forfeits any right for a refund. We don't offer refunds in case of Abuse report. Refunds take up to 14-25 days to be completed.