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Service Level Agreement - Service Level Agreement by DignusData
The service level agreement contains information about what quality of service is to be expected when purchasing certain services in our company. This agreement is for the site hosting service, Dedicated Servers hosting . We always care about the high quality of the services provided and are ready to be responsible for any downtime, to guarantee the backup of data and resources, as well as the high quality of the technical support provided.
We hope you'll take some time to read this document; we've tried to keep it all as simple as possible and we will keep you informed if there are any changes to the way we process your personal data in the future, before making them.
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In this document Dignus Data DOOEL. Will sometimes be referred to as "we".

Service Level Agreement (SLA) for DignusData hosting service
Terms and Definitions
Customer - the recipient of the service "DignusData hosting" provided by the Contractor.
ISP DignusData Center
Routine and preventive work - a set of preventive work to maintain the good condition of the equipment, improve the quality of the virtual, cloud,dedicated servers and update the infrastructure, network, engineering and other systems. Urgent work - a set of unscheduled work that is required to be carried out promptly to eliminate or prevent emergencies. The reporting period is a period equal to one calendar month from the first to the last day. Basic technical support - Type of support, which includes:
  • Advice on working with the infrastructure control panel;
  • Assistance in transferring data from other servers to hosting services in the Contractor's infrastructure;
  • Setting up backup to the remote servers of the Contractor;
  • Installation and configuration of standard services (nginx, apache, mysql, PHP7.3, postfix, proftpd, bind);
  • Installation of standard PHP / Nginx / Apache modules;
  • OS installation from the image of the Contractor;
  • Installation of a hosting control panel supported by the Contractor (ISPmanager Lite 5, DirectAdmin, ISPmanager Business, WHM / cPanel, Webuzo); The license for the control panel is paid separately by the Customer;

Subject of agreement
This agreement defines the quality of services provided by the Contractor and the responsibility of the Contractor for the availability of the services provided.
Service Description - The service is an infrastructure service (IaaS) that allows the customer to use the Contractor's IT infrastructure for hosting their own information systems. The procedure for providing basic technical support .The Contractor undertakes to provide the customer with basic technical support through tickets phone and live chat. The maximum processing time for a customer request in a ticket system is no more than 1 hours via ticket support system and urgent (immediate response) by phone or chat.
Warranty and compensation
The customer gets the opportunity to interact with the technical support service of the Contractor through the ticketing system - 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
Routine and preventive work.
The Contractor reserves the right to carry out routine and preventive maintenance, which may entail an interruption of the provision of services. The contractor is obliged to notify the customer 72 hours before the start of routine and preventive work. The unavailability of the service due to this kind of work cannot exceed 2 hours during the reporting period. If the unavailability of the service due to this kind of work has exceeded 10 hours during the reporting period, the Customer is entitled to receive compensation in accordance with clause.
Urgent work.
Contractor reserves the right to carry out urgent work In case of urgent work, the Contractor reserves the right to notify the customer immediately before the break. The unavailability of the service will be equal to the actual time required to eliminate / prevent a critical situation. Interruptions in the provision of services arising from urgent work are not compensable and are not taken into account in the calculation of service availability. Interruptions in the provision of services are not compensable if they are due to:
Changing the settings by the customer, which directly or indirectly affected the receipt or provision of the service; delays or defects in the operation of the service related to the software installed by the customer;
Hacking customer infrastructure by third parties; force majeure circumstances;
The Contractor undertakes to make all reasonable efforts to ensure the availability of the service at a level of at least 99.5% during the reporting period. The unavailability of the service can reach no more than 3.5 hours during the reporting period.
In case of decrease in the availability of services below the stated 99.5% for the reporting period, the customer has the right to claim compensation in accordance with Table 1.
Table 1. Amount of compensation to the customer for unavailability of the service.
Compensation is provided to the customer as a deduction of the amount of compensation for the cost of the service for the next reporting period in accordance with Table 1. When calculating the compensation, the average amount of Customer's costs of the Contractor's services for the 3 previous reporting periods is used. The compensation is calculated by the formula: the sum of expenses for services for 3 reporting periods/ 3 = the average amount of expenses = 100% of the amount of compensation.
If the Customer uses the Contractor's services for less than three reporting periods, the amount of possible compensation equals the Customer's costs for the Contractor's services for the reporting period preceding the reporting period, the period in which the service was unavailable. Compensation cannot exceed 100% of the average cost of the service for the previous 3 reporting periods. During the test period, compensation for the unavailability of the Contractor's services is not charged.
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